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This is my personal repo for hosting my own tweaks and those I've been given permission to host.

Cannabis Bokeh (BETA) - 1.1.0

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This package replaces the default bokeh wallpaper dots with cannabis leaves! 

If you install this package and your device isn't supported contact me and we can try to make it happen!

I'm still learning how to do different things with iOS so I don't mind putting some work into this!

Known Issue:If you update this after having installed it you may need to respring / set the wallpaper again to get it moving again.

If you installed via Cydia the Respring buttonshouldpop up after install. This doesn't happen in Sileo/Zebra. Will be looking into making that a part of the process in those package managers shortly.


I provide copies of all versions of this package to archive/document my own progress that I have made. I HIGHLY discourage anyone from actually downloading and installing any archived versions of this project as everything has been kept in tact all errors, mistakes, etc...I guaruntee you will mess up files on your device if you install some of these. The current version is stable I make no such claim for the others. 

v1.0.9[Current Version on Repo]

- Theoretically this will make this fully compatible with iPad Pros (@3x), however, I don't have a device for testing. Your mileage may vary.


- Did some tidying up and optimized each image to its respective device; this cut down the overall download size from ~3.7mb to ~1.2mb

- Either the next release or the one following that should be the final; then this package will be out of "beta." Thanks for following these logs I've learned quite a bit about working with / creating .deb files!


- Fixed an issue that was causing previews to not render properly on iPads

- Optimized image sizes making the overall size of the tweak smaller

v1.0.6 [Download]

- Good news! Cannabis Bokeh now backs up your stock bokeh wallpapers and will place them back if you ever decide to uninstall this tweak!

v1.0.5 [Download]

- Added support for most iPads; whether this works on an iPad Pro or not I'm unsure.

v1.0.4 [Download]

- Attempt to fix an issue where two wallpapers were swapped with their respective preview.

v1.0.3 [Download]

- Fixed an issue that would mess up the Bokeh Wallpaper Folder upon install (my bad! sorry!)

v1.0.2 [Download]

- Bug Fixes

v1.0.1 [Unable to Locate original deb]

- Added previews of the wallpaper you're actually selecting instead of the default apple previews.

v1.0 [Download]

- Initial Release


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